Allegory Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.7.5.A

Core Standard

An allegory is a literary device that uses a metaphor where a story occurs within a story. This is where the story told implies a much big point it is aimed at history or everyday life. This is often used to explore real world occurrences or hot button issues. Authors use this device to varying degrees. Sometimes it is very subtle and almost hard to spot and other times the comparison is undeniable. One classic work of literature that is centered around technique is Animal Farm by George Orwell. In this work, Orwell likens the animal population on a farm to societal class system of the communist form of government.

You will find allegories used to explore topics that people are deeply passionate about such as politics, religion, and finances. By using the hidden message, authors can soften the blow of examining these sensitive topics. It is often easier to educate your readers on topics they are not familiar with by comparing them to situations that are commonly known. This technique is highly effective to craft messages that are thought of as sophisticated and complex into easy to digest stories for readers.