Allusion Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.7.5.A

Core Standard

Authors often need to clearly make their thoughts felt by the readers. There are many instances where they may intend to draw the attention to a cause, person, event, or something similar, but not want to explicitly call it out. This is where the literary device of allusion can come in helpful and break through where we need to as authors. An allusion is when authors attempt to transfer an idea into something else. When used properly it can really help amplify the message to your readers. This tool can help authors communicate a mountain of information in a few short words.

This technique also presents a problem for authors and readers alike. Since what the author is alluding is not directly being discussed, there are often times where the reader will completely miss the intentions of the author. This is why authors should use this tool when they have a good feel for the audience that is expected to read it. This way the author can present it in a manner that would be understood best.

This literary technique is often used to share morals that conform to cultural norms. You will find it often used to share folklore or religious under tones. The Bible is one of the most studied texts in history. The interpretations of this work have been past on from generation to generation. Authors are endlessly writing allusions to this work.