Antecedents Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.3.1.F

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An antecedent, in the grammatical sense, is a word that is replaced by a different word later on in the sentence. Most commonly the word used later in the sentence is a pronoun. In most cases the antecedents is found before the pronoun. An example would be the sentence: "Sally ran in the New York City marathon yesterday, so today she is exhausted." In this sentence "Sally" is the antecedent and the pronoun used is "she". As we have seen in the previous sentence antecedents-pronoun agreement is something we need to consider as we are writing these ourselves. In the case of the same sentence, gender needed to agree to make the sentence valid. One main consideration when using an antecedent is making certain that the quantity of the original word and the pronoun are in agreement. You will often need to use and explore collective nouns in this context. These worksheets and lessons will help students learn how to identify and make sure to use proper grammatical mechanics with this technique in mind.