A or An Worksheets

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An article in the English language indicates if a noun is specific or general. The articles (a and an) indicate a quantity of being singular. They are placed just before the noun in a sentence. These are classified as indefinite articles because they give us a general presence of mind. There is a third indefinite article (some) that is used to indicate plurals in general sense. We use these indefinite articles in two unique circumstances. When you first introduce a noun in a story it is more likely than not accompanied by an indefinite article. When you are not concerned by specifics indefinite articles are often used. For instance, if you asked some to pick up a box of eggs. You wouldn’t be too concerned about the brand of eggs, so the indefinite article (a or an) would be a good choice. The collection of worksheets that you will find below can be used to learn which of these indefinite articles to use in your sentences.