Argumentative Writing Worksheets

The we choose to take a stand on an issue of any sorts, there is a requirement to validate your position if we are intent on finding the truth. When we work to substantiate our stance in a written form the piece we will create is viewed as augmentative writing. It can be viewed as the written form of a debate. In order to prepare for such a work, you will need to do a bit of detective work. Outside of a full-fledged research paper, this is one of the lengthiest investigations that you will need to do in order to write a well-prepared piece. The best arguments are prepared by fully understanding the stance of both sides of the issue. I have found from over a decade of working on this form of writing with students that at first it is difficult for them. This is because students have been conditioned to only find one correct answer. In an argumentative essay you will need to explore all of the things that support your side of the argument. I also find that after students get some experience with writing these pieces, they enjoy it and get stronger with every successive project. These worksheets with help students learn to approach these types of works and the process that is required to prepare great works.