Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Core Standard

When it comes to language there is often a great deal of confusion as to how letters, the alphabet, and sounds interrelate and are differentiated from one another. I feel the most important thing that we must understand is that just because students are proficient in one, it does not reflect they understand the other. Each of the skills are completely independent of one another. I would look at it like this, letters are the fundamental units of language. They are symbols or characters; in English we have twenty-six different letters. The alphabet is the next step up. This is the arrangement of the letters as a group and sequence into consonants and vowels. Sounds are the final leg of this because they relate to both latter units. Each individual letter has a predictable and reliable sound associated with it. When we look at a group of letters, it becomes less predictable, but it still follows a trend. Most of the time when we are teaching this skill students are just learning the concept of individuals versus groups, so this can be a challenging concept for youngsters. This series of worksheets will focus on the sounds that are found at the front of word. Most will be a mixture of consonants and vowels.