Career Worksheets

In this section we explore different types of employment that people may have. When a job is attended and maintained for a long period of time it can be viewed as an occupation. In the early days of trade, people would have a single job over the course of their entire lifetime. In the modern world, the average person holds twelve and half jobs that span over at least two industry sectors. While the movement between jobs and sheer change has ramped up significantly, the process of interviewing, being selected, and starting a job has not shifted much at all. A career on the other hand, is a huge summation of all the different jobs you have had over the course of your life. This starts with different forms of education, training, or deep research that you may have taken to make this skill marketable and begin receiving payment for it. This will help you begin to explore the age-old question, "What do you want to be when you grew up?"