Character Traits Worksheets

Character Traits are at the heart of the core foundation of a person's beliefs and value system. In the case of fictional characters, these traits can be determined by their actions, thoughts, and words. It is basically a gauge of the individual. Are they generally positive or do they carry a cloud of negativity around with them? They can have very positive traits such as being generous, patient, or very fair with others. On the other had they can have negative traits like being cruel, unkind, or dishonest. These traits can transition over the period of a story. When we are first introduced to a character, we get a feeling or general idea of what they may do in certain situations and then we can make predictions based on this. Some characters will experience a period of growth, while others may regress and surprise you, the reader, in one way or another. The set of worksheets below will help students gauge the character of fictional beings in works of literature.









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