Cloze Reading Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RL.4.4

Core Standard

The cloze reading technique we explore here can lead to much better reading comprehension skills. You will be presented with your everyday reading passages, only catch is several to a significant number of words have been removed from that passage. Students will then use their background knowledge and context, in some cases, to determine the missing words. In some cases, you will be given a word bank and in others you will not. The word bank can help students build confidence, but it can also be used to introduce new vocabulary words or concepts that they are not familiar. Teachers are also encouraged to use this as a listening exercise as well. This strategy demands that students pay more attention to what they are reading and focus on the development and delivery of the work. This leads to more confident readers that also become strong writers. Take a look at all of the cloze exercises that we have created for you below.