Communication Worksheets

At its core, communication is sharing of information in a way in which it is completely transferred and understood by the recipient. It involves at least two parties; the sender and the recipient. The transmission of that message is usually through a form of language. In most cases we accept language as being in written or spoken form, but when it comes to communication there are several other mediums to consider. There are a colossal host of issues that can affect how a message was received or sent. It begins with the medium used to transfer the message. For example, texting a message versus an in-person face to face communication is so much different. Being in person the sender receives many different forms of feedback to help them understand if the message was completely understood. This becomes heir apparent when a medium is forced upon you. Just like when the global pandemic hit, and all schools were forced to go virtual. Students and teachers were accustomed to learning and teaching in a certain way, but that all changed overnight. Possessing quality communication skills is an often-sought-after skill by most employers for all sectors of industry. In this section of our website, we will explore all of the different types of things that go into sending and receiving messages.