Dangling Modifier Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.7.1.c and L.7.3.a

Core Standard

When a word is present in a sentence and it functions to depict or describe another of the sentence, we call this word a modifier. On occasion you will come across some sentences where the intended subject is absent from the sentence. Instead, a different subject appears in its place. In those situations, we refer to those modifiers as dangling. Funny word, huh? You will find this often in opening phrases where the modifier is just linked to the wrong thing. You can spot these in sentences by following a simple thought process and strategy. Just locate the subject of the sentence. The modifier should be found immediately before the comma and the subject. This series of worksheets and lesson will help students not only be able to recognize these dangling modifiers, but also make adjustments to sentences to create grammatically correct sentences.