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Related ELA Standard: Speaking & Listening

Core Standard

This is a series of great listening activities that are teacher or peer lead. I would encourage teachers to discuss the qualities of good active listeners before engaging in this series of exercises. Possessing the cognitive ability and self-awareness to become an active listener is something that escapes most students due to the lack of maturity or realization. When you bring this to their attention and review the communication process with them, you will often find that it is a skill that they can quickly build upon. One of the most essential steps in effectively communicating with one another is listening. Many people often have an agenda when in comes to communicating with others. Their focus is on getting their point across and they attempt to lead the transfer of information. Once they understand that in order to be effective leader you need to accept feedback and make adjustments based on it. Once students understand that in order to craft a powerful message that with resonate with your audience you actively listen, they language skills grow quickly. This is a crucial skill for students to learn to help them build positive social relationships throughout the course of their lives.