Digital Citizenship Worksheets

Core Standard

As technology grows and infinitely expands, we find ourselves immersed in a mixture of the real world and online culture. The need to understand the proper use and interpretation of this virtual world is vital for all citizens of the world. When we use computers, digital devices, and the data that flows freely across the Internet appropriately and responsibly we refer to this as proactive digital citizenship. The spill over between online culture and the real world is certainly blurred to put it mildly. To have a chance to thrive in today’s world youngsters need to fully understand the power of these and positive and negative uses of this newly developed technology. What makes digital citizenship such a challenge for educators is the rapid pace of shifts that technology goes. When I began teaching Friendster was all the rage, 5 years later it was Twitter and Facebook. That lasted another 5 years and then Snap Chat and Instagram came out. Today Tik Tok is where all the kids are. It seems like every time the High School gets a whole new crop of kids, they bring a new Social Network with them. These worksheets will help students identify positive and proactive uses of technology and help them maintain a sense of privacy.