Extraneous Details Worksheets

Core Standard

There are many times that writers are almost too descriptive. While their intention is clearly to paint a vivid and memorable picture for their readers, it can go overboard at times. This over explanation can almost confuse readers and get them thinking in a different direction. You will find that this especially distracting to readers of fiction because the author is painting this entire narrative. When you can identify details that are completely not necessary or helpful to a particular paragraph, we refer to those as extraneous details. They are not relevant and distract the reader from the primary purpose of your work. When you are writing, you often do not even realize that this is present in your work. You will identify this in the revision process often after you prepare your first draft. This series of worksheets will help you learn to recognize extraneous details that a padded in a series of pre-writing sentences. You will also learn how to correct this work to make it much smoother for readers.