Writing Friendly Letters Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: W.4.2

Core Standard

When we write a letter and even an email to people that we have some sort of relationship with, the writing piece is called a friendly letter. This letter can be to our love interest, or even just a minor acquaintance. The person receiving your letter does not have to be someone you refer to as an actual friend, as the name implies. This is an informal form of writing and does not have strict rules that need to be followed. The nature of these pieces leads them to have more general rules. One thing that is really rare these days is the practice of handwritten messages. If you want to stick out in some one’s mind take the time to create a handwritten message. This will ensure that your message is valued as being sincere almost instantly. These messages are most often composed of three parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion. These worksheets will engage students in the process of writing friendly letters.









Letter to a Family Member Preview