Getting to Know You Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: Speech and Language

Core Standard

There are many times where we are working on team and we need to get to know our teammates. This is something that applies to the beginning of the school year at just about any age. Students often do not know much about their classmates and it is a perfect time to present an opportunity to work on language input and output. This can be fun and engaging, but most of the time it can help form the beginning of a bond between teachers, students, and their peers. In general, most people are either shy or frightened to put themselves in an uncomfortable position of meeting new people. This is why we encourage teachers to perform such opportunities for students. We highly recommend that teachers actively participate in all these activities. This collection of worksheets will help teachers facilitate students interacting and getting to know one another as well as the teacher. You will find this invaluable at the start of any class composition.