Grade 1 Vocabulary Word Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.1.6

Core Standard

Most of the terms that fall into this category are of high use and serve as a utility to most language at the first-grade level. There are many different tools and methods that can be used by students to learn new words faster. The most common method is by using flashcards. They can be done on good old fashion index cards or through the use of online flashcards. Remember these kids are in first grade, you need to show them how to use flashcards. I would highly suggest that you have students practice simply rewriting these words a number of times. This simple activity is powerful for remembering the structure of these words. To bring meaning to the vocabulary, it is often helpful to encourage students to draw pictures that bring meaning to the definition of the terms themselves. Another great method is to have students write these words in sentences. Use these worksheets to learn words that first graders should have a good grasp on.









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