Long Vowel Sounds Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RF.1.2.A

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Long vowels are vowels in words that sound the same as the name of the letter. For example in the word "bike", the vowel "i" is pronounced just like the letter is. The letter "e" on the other hand, is not pronounced the same way. When vowels don't act as long vowels is when the English language really falls off the rails for non-English speakers. Being able to delineate these tricky sounds is the key to having a native flow to your speech patterns and presenting as having a high fluency in the language. This is often where different dialects of the English language start to appear. Each dialect seems to organize around these little noises, but not in all instances, only a select few words. These worksheets will help students be able to identify long vowels sounds and words that contain them. This skill helps improve reading fluency and accuracy of pronunciation.









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