Singular Possessive Nouns Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.1.1.B-D

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In modern society we often respect the belongings of others a little more than our own, if we have good manners. Many times it is helpful to understand what belongs to who. When writing nouns in the possessive form we usually add the letter "s" after we add an apostrophe. Just because we add the letter "s” does not mean that it is a plural word, it still can be singular. This apostrophe and the letter "s" helps an author signify a level of ownership of the noun they are directed at. There are degrees to ownership that we must be aware of. This form can be used to demonstrate who a phone belongs to or it can also be used to indicate a look on the face of a person. The worksheets found below work on using the singular form of possession with nouns.









That Belongs To Me! Preview