Decoding Grade 2 Two-Syllable Words Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RF.2.3.C

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In our first grade worksheet set we started working on decoding words. This helps us be able to properly say the words aloud. As we move on to more difficult words, this skill is helpful to help us along. The key here is to identify the arrangement of the syllables and use the sounds made to assist us in using the word verbally. Open syllables are formed when a vowel is located at the end of the syllable. Open syllables usually result in long or at least longer vowel sound being expressed. Closed syllables are created by the consonant being at the end of the syllable. I always remind students closed equals consonant, as a way to remember this. As a result, closed syllables often have short vowel sounds. There are several exceptions to these rules, but they do cut the mustard most times. This is just two of the six classifications of syllables, but they represent a significant portion of the words that youngsters will experience. The worksheets below will help us grow or vocabulary and aid us in the ability to say these words.









Open Syllables Preview