Writing Concluding Sentences Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: W.3.3.D

Core Standard

A concluding sentence should give readers a sense of closure on a paragraph. This can often be a difficult proposition for a writer because they need to sum up everything that they have already presented. When you start to write that final sentence just write yourself a quick outline of the points you want to make sure to touch on. These worksheets will help you begin to make sure you are writing fully detailed concluding paragraphs.

A conclusion sentence is meant to sum up all your thoughts in one single sentence. This is fundamentally the last sentence you leave your audience with. It can leave them feeling exhilarated or with a sour test in their mouth. We suggest you take the most time towards your thoughts with these sentences. There are a number of effective conclusions. This collection of printable worksheets will have students think through and write well placed thoughts in their conclusion sentences.









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