Contrasting the Point of View of Narrated Stories Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RL.4.6

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When writing is in its narrative form the point view is what the reader feels and sees is described as the point of view. This can come in different modes. The first person point of view is told by the narrator in their own point of view. In this setting the narrator is actually a character of the story he or she is telling. When a story is told in the third person the narrator is not part of the story they are an unnamed storyteller. These worksheets will help students begin to break down the purpose of the narrator in stories.

Many times authors will elect to make the creative decision to use a narrator within a story. This has some great aspects, but it is not free of drawbacks. The narrator tells the story and in a way, drives the entire message home. The narrator also affects how the reader and audience, in general, view the characters. If the narrator negatively or positively portrays a certain character, so will the reader. This selection of worksheets will help students learn to improve their ability to piece apart the narrator from the characters.









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