Writing Explanatory and Informative Concluding Statements Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: W.4.2.E

Core Standard

When we are writing a body of work that either explains a process or informs our readers it is often difficult to understand how to finish off the work. Your first step is to make sure you thoroughly explained everything you set out to before you began writing the piece. This can be accomplished by writing a quick outline before you get started. These worksheets will help students through the procedure of writing the final paragraph of an explanatory or informative piece.

The goal of a conclusion statement is to put a topic to bed once and for all. You can do this by putting forth an emotional charged statement, but the best method is to cover them with facts. Many writers forget that when you issue a conclusion you are closing out your argument and it shouldn't appear beyond that. The reader should be able to clearly see your key points and the evidence that supports it in these types of statements. These worksheets will help students write evidence driven conclusion sentences.









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