Style and Tone Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.6.3.B

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When students first approach the subject of critiquing the work of an author, they will often think that style and tone are one and the same. The style of a written work is the way in which it is presented to the reader. An author's style should be consistent with their goals and purpose for writing the piece. The style should remain consistent throughout the work. The tone of a piece is the overall attitude of a piece. Is it presented in a bold or arrogant fashion? Tone is very subjective and not all readers will gauge it the same way. It can also change the way in which an audience feels about the authors work. Some classical works were not received very well by critics or the public when they first published for this very reason. These worksheets will help students find a way to define and separate the style and tone of a story.









Style and Tone Preview