Word Relationships Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.7.5.B

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There are countless English words that have multiple meanings. Some words will have an attributed positive or negative association. Some words will make us more comfortable and some words will raise the hairs on the back of neck. We can define the relationships between words in several ways. We can tag same and opposite relationships with synonym and antonyms. You can also classify words as hyponyms this means that they belong in the same category. If there is a semantic connection we would classify it as hyponym (homophones and homographs). These worksheets will help students understand the relationships that exist between well known words and word families.

Words are often interconnected. In many different ways words act as members of a family. Families often have many members that share the same occupation and hobbies, but they may look nothing alike. Words often have the same or similar meaning but look nothing like the words that they counter score. These worksheets will help students make the connection between words.









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