Grammar of Numbers Worksheets

Core Standard

When we are composing a lengthy body of written work it is often confusing as to whether we should spell out a number as a word or just write the number. This aspect of the English language is a bit frustrating because there is not a common form standard in place. There three language style guides we often follow (APA, MLA, and Chicago) and they all differ slightly as to their guidance with the grammar of numbers. Because of this the common really is that in most instances it is the choice of the writer or author. The basic premise to be maintain a high level of consistency. If you begin by using numerals, then you should continue to use numerals in the work as they come up. We detail a number of situations below which situations call specifically form one form or another that are covered under all style guides. In this series of worksheets, we will explore these specific circumstances and give you a great deal of practice to improve your ability to use the proper format in your writing.