Grief Worksheets

Core Standard

Grief is the bodies natural response to experience a death or major loss that we will almost all suffer over the course of our lives. This can elicit extreme reactions and emotions for children. We cannot protect children from this feeling of loss, but we can help them form healthy coping skills that can see them through the course of the emotional roller coaster that they will go through. Most children are, to some level, aware of the concept of death, but are often not prepared to cope with loss of a loved one. Everyone copes differently. Sometimes it manifests as a physical reaction where their chest tightens, stomachs become upset, intense crying, or a relentless nervousness. The concept of regrets and worry becomes heightened. Strong emotions seem to come out of nowhere. This selection of grief worksheets will help learn to approach some coping skills that will serve students well when they are confronted with a situation where they may grieve.