Direct or Indirect Object Worksheets

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In English, an object is noun (sometimes a pronoun) that is controlled by a verb or preposition. There are three different types of objects. We will explore two of those types on this page. Indirect objects identify the whom or what the action of verb is being performed on. They are generally prepositional phrases that lack the preposition "to" or "for", but they are understood to be present. They always appear somewhere between the verb and direct object of the sentence. The goal of the indirect object is to modify the verb to make a point. They are often the inheritor of whatever action that is occurring. The direct objects are the whom or what is being acted on within the sentence. The direct form is usually easier to spot, and students often pick that one first. The indirect form normally takes them a little longer to become comfortable with. As with everything, the more practice that they get, the easier it becomes for them. These worksheets have students break down and identify the roles of nouns in sentences.









Noun as a Direct Object Preview