Life Skills Worksheets

As the title puts it, these are skills that are essential to having a healthy and productive life. While it is clear that based on your perspective things that are seen essential in life is a bit debatable. If you leave in a very urban area, having a vehicle is not all that important since you can hop on a bus or subway anytime. But it if you leave in the middle of the woods, miles from your neighbors, having a car becomes very necessary to live. One of the fundamental life skills is communication. Having the ability to send and receive information is critical towards leading a productive and fulfilling life. The next critical aspect of life is learning how to solve problems and make decisions. Once we are safe within ourselves, we must look to bolster our ability to think decisively and creatively. This is something that many students and people in general struggle with. Looking inside ourselves to working on things that are internal is something we can begin to do when we are fully mature, but you can start working with students on their own self awareness and empathy for others. In this section of our website, we will work on working with students awareness and ability with essential processes to their lives.