Finding the Main Idea Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RI.4.2

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When we are reading any work of nonfiction we often need to find value in that work to help us understand the world a little better. The point of any work of nonfiction is for an author to be able to convey a point or opinion to their readers. As a reader, it is your job to locate that main idea and see how it fits within your knowledge base. Most works include a topic sentence that is located near the beginning of a work, but that is not always a slam dunk for you. They can even wait until the end of the work to be revealed. There is a set process you can use to identify these salient points that the authors is working to convey. The process usually centers around discovering a subject and action. You then need to read into the related events within this and work to best understand how this action came about. The worksheets found below will help you break apart words and piece a solid understanding of where these ideas lie within the work.









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