Note Taking Skills Worksheets

We often associate the process of note taking as something that is reserved for the classroom, but really it is just a helpful technique to learn and retain information. Ever give your order to a waiter at a restaurant? Were they taking notes, you bet ya! What students often lose sight of is the purpose of note taking. The underlying reason we do this is to learn more, not to write everything down that is said. We do this to highlight the important points and heighten our ability to be active learners. The goal is to be able to look back at what we wrote and retain as much information as we can. At the end of the day, if your notes do not help understand the concept, they serve no purpose. Learning to take notes that work for you, takes time and experience. The most important thing is to constantly evaluate which methods you are using that produce results. It this section of site we feature worksheets that can help you learn to be a better note taker.