Phrasal Verbs Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.8.1.B

Core Standard

When you spot a two or three-word phrase that promotes an action we call this a phrasal verb. The words work in collaboration to do the job of a single verb. They often create a new meaning when paired together than they would by themselves. If a phrasal verb has a literal meaning, they are normally extremely easy to understand. Some action phrases can often be difficult to understand if they are presented in a figurative manner. This type of language is often present in informal communications. Learning to use these expressions regularly in your speech will allow your English to come across as more natural to others. If you want to master the language understanding and regularly using them is an essential part of that. You will definitely be able to be a more active listener and speaker as you begin to master the use of these parts of speech. These worksheets will introduce students to the use of this type of language in context.









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