Pros and Cons Worksheets

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In the typical day, an average adult will make roughly 35,000 decisions. When you take into account that we sleep roughly for a third of our day, that means we are making a choice every 2-3 seconds. Most of these daily choices are simple and do not require much thought. These are often situations where we do not have many choices. Such as the choice of what to write with in school. If you only have a pen and pencil, there is not much thought required. Many times, we come across decisions that take a great deal of careful thought. This is where it is best to identify the positive aspects (pros) of making a certain choice. As well as the negative features (cons) of making certain decisions. When we have weighty choices to make stating all these traits helps us clearly make the best choice. The worksheets found below can help students learn how to begin using this technique when making their own decisions.