Rhyming Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RF.K.2.B

Core Standard

When you hear a repeated sound within a sentence or verse, we call this a rhyme. When we rhyme something, it is often only the final syllable that is stressed. You will find this displayed in poems as well as songs. You will see that new artists and poets are looking to use words that pop or amplify at different areas in the word. Rhymes are all about using repetition to bring about a feeling of rhythm and ultimately a feeling of calmness and relativeness. You will see this displayed in something as simple as a nursery rhyme or something as complex as an English sonnet. Taking the time to see where you can use this technique to your advantage to gain more interest from your readers is often something that requires experience and patience. These worksheets will help students identify patterns in rhyming and make their own rhymes to use within their own compositions.









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