Scavenger Hunts Worksheets

Running a scavenger hunt in your classroom can be a rewarding experience for team building, but also very educational for students. We all remember the first time we took part in a scavenger hunt. We were given a list by whomever organized it and then we were off and running working in a small team to find all the items on the list. These can be highly effective when used in coordination with the introduction or review of a concept or topic. When you learn with your hands, you tend to hold on to that information much longer. They are even more effective when you journey outside your classroom and include situations that require them to use their personal skills to interact with other school personnel. My best piece of advice here is to make sure you do a trial run before you let your entire class loose on it. I often coordinate this with other teachers and ask a group of their diligent students to complete it first. This helps you identify any speed bumps your class may run into. This series of worksheets has a number of quick and easy to use scavenger hunts ready to go for your students.