Sentence Fluency Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.3.3.a

Core Standard

When we hear a sequence of words lopped together and they almost bring a sense of harmony it is music to our hears. Sometimes how the words are arranged in a sentence can feel like nails scratching across a chalkboard. How we gauge the sequence and flow of language across a series of patterns in a sentence is identified as sentence fluency. The true test is how does it sound when it is read verbally aloud. If there is a complete lack of awkwardness and everything swirls in a free sense, sentence fluency is achieved. This is truly a difficult skill for most writers to achieve. It goes much deeper than just making sure that your grammar and syntax are in check. The best way to prepare to write in this manner consistently is to read the work of other authors that have already mastered this art. The worksheets that you will find in this section will work with students on building a sense of fluidity in the sentences that they compose.