Short O Sound Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RF.1.2.A

Core Standard

When the vowel "o" is found in a word and it makes the "awe" sound, we to refer to it as a short o sound. You will find this specific vowel sound in words such as sock and block. We find it helpful for students to learn these vowel words first, because them seem to come more natural to them. We would suggest it is because they make an incredibly unique tone and mood that makes it stand out in your mind. It is often helpful to show students pictures of the words when learning them for the first time. You will find that these visual clues lead to a greater and quicker recall. These worksheets will give students a workout with words that contain short o sounds. We would encourage you to create a set of flash cards with at least a dozen or so of these words to help you review in the future.









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