Stationary and Writing Paper Worksheets

In this section of our site, you will find paper that can be used for just about any writing assignment. When you first start teaching you might not see the logic behind using such paper, but after you use it effectively once you will become a believer. I find that using stationary or border paper engages learners right away. Especially if the theme of paper causally relates to the assignment or task at hand. The first thing that it does is focuses the students and gets their creative juices flowing. The process of physically touching the paper and pen or pencil gives students instant feedback. I often find that students will create slightly better work when I use stationary with them. When I was working on my Masters degree I had to complete an experiment where I used stationary with one class, but not another and compared the difference in performance. It is important to note that this is very subjective, since it is writing, but using a standardized rubric we did find that students using border paper tended to score higher in the degree of creativity category for sure. It will not fix your grammar, spelling, or mechanics, but it may make your work more interesting to read.