Stative Verb Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: L.5.1.C

Core Standard

There are verbs that have to do with something other than physical actions. Action is commonly what we attribute to this part of speech. Stative verbs basically define a state that something is in. It is easy to remember since the term has the root "stat" or "state" in it. Stative verbs are often used to describe the state of a person's emotions, measures, thoughts, senses, and general wellness. These are very intangible things, and this type of language is helpful when authors are discussing the thoughts and emotions of their characters. You will also find that these parts of speech almost entirely avoid the continuous tense and rarely end in -ing, as a result. This helping of worksheets will have students learn the proper use of stative verbs as well as being able to identify them in sentences.









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