COVID-19 Coronavirus Worksheets

A virus is a very tiny type of germ that can make you extremely sick. Viruses only can survive inside of living things. Viruses can cause many different types of infectious diseases including the common cold, flu, and smallpox. Viruses take over living cells and make many copies of themselves. These new virus particles go on to infect other cells. When our body is being affected by a virus our immune system kicks into action to stop or slow it down. At the end of 2019, the world came across a new type of virus called the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have known about and studied coronaviruses for decades, but this (COVID-19) was a new strain to humans. The virus itself causes symptoms remarkably similar to a flu or common cold. While most people that contract the disease will just have basic symptoms that they should recover from in about two weeks, COVID-19 is much more serious than the common cold or flu. That is because it is much more contagious or easier to transmit than the seasonal flu at almost twice the rate. Also at this time, this form of coronavirus is proving much more deadly than the standard seasonal flu. Our worksheets found below will help teachers explore common questions students and just about everybody has at this virus.