Earth Day Worksheets

It is hard for this generation to understand, but until the 1970s factories just blew black disgusting smoke into the air with zero filtering and zero regulations. They also dumped toxic chemicals and heated water into to neighboring areas. The worst part was that they were well within there rights to do just that. There was no government oversight or deeply followed regulations. On one fine day in the spring of 1970 a Wisconsin Senator by the name of Gaylord Nelson decided to bring attention to the fact that our environment was important, and we were dropping the ball with it. Nelson created Earth Day which first got people talking about it and once they realized what was happening, the people mobilized and protested. What do you, it worked! Just six short months later a new federal agency the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was created. We still today celebrate this planet loving holiday to bring awareness to the obstacles that the Earth is still dealing with. The worksheets on this page will help you celebrate Earth Day in your class.