4th Grade Writing Prompt Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: W.4.3

At this point students should have a really good handle on when to apply capital letters and basic punctuation. The real goal is to write clear and concise topic sentences. What’s more, they should have the ability to supply vivid conclusions. Fourth grade students should have decent penmanship at this point as well. These writing prompts will help take students in the proper direction with their basic technique.

Having taught 4th grade for over a decade, I like to call this the age of discovery writing. This is where we start to give our young writers a bit of independency. The key is finding the proper balance between independence and instruction. I find a good method to corral students is to have them work together on the revising and editing process. In the previous grade levels students have written to inform and entertain. At the 4th grade level they begin to write for the purpose of persuading and they are required to analyze their audience to a good degree.









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