Writing Free Verse Poems Worksheets

When we hear or read poems that do not follow a fixed rhyming structure these are often referred to as free verse. Some writers love this form of poetry because it gives them a great deal of latitude where standard poetry requires you to follow some level of structure. This does not mean that the poem will be completely free of rhyme, they may choose to introduce that at just about any time. These types of poems, when performed, have many more pauses and motions throughout them which means that you will often see them having a high degree of punctuation. You may also notice that some free verse poets insert line breaks right in the middle of sentences or even in the middle of words. This is very polarizing form of poetry because some poets find it near impossible and other thrive in this genre. These worksheets will provide you with a great number of examples for you to take in and help you to find your own voice in this form of poetry.