Writing Invitations Worksheets

Throughout history written invitations have been used to bring large or even small groups together for special events. That may be some as simple as a small gather or to train as an Olympic athlete. This became a customary practice in the Middle Ages. Of course, at that time they would need to be individually handwritten because the printing press was not invented yet. Families would try to out do one another with their invitations by commission calligraphy artists to create masterpieces for their guests. Today you will notice that many invitations will have a bit of tissue paper on top of them. This was a practice that was used to protect the ink from smudging. Even though ink very rarely smudges on modern invitations, you will still notice the tissue paper is used. Probably because it just adds a genuinely nice touch. You will also notice that very formal invitations have double envelopes because back in time the second envelope was to protect the invitation on its travels on horseback. This series of worksheets will help you understand the important points to be touched on when you are creating your own invitations and you will be creating them.