Writing and Sending E-mails Worksheets

If you were in the field of education at the turn of the century when the use of email was set ablaze, you probably have seen a huge transformation as to how students view e-mail. Initially it was the hottest craze, every student had it an knew how to us it better than any teacher. It was seen as THE form of electronic communication. Then instant messages and texting began to take off and kids started using it much less. Then social networks took over the world and the concept of e-mail completely changed. Students mostly view this as a dead form of communication, as much as prior generation see the concept of handwriting letters and snail mailing them. The business world saw it much differently. It was adapted to as the standard form of communication because it was much easier to manage and very universal. So, where we stand today leaves a huge gap between student perception and the reality of the business world. This series of worksheets will help students learn how to properly compose and reply to messages using this medium.