Writing a Research Paper Worksheets

The first time you hear of a research paper project, you may feel like putting on a lab coat. This is not necessary at all there are many different forms of research. A research paper is basically an extended essay that examines a topic and sums up all of the available literature on the topic. The way in which this literature is presented within your work helps you form an argument as to the nature of the topic. It is not an opinion piece, but a gauged evaluation of a topic. While you do include your own prior knowledge of the piece in this work, your argument is inferred from all the evidence that you will uncover. As I tell students, research papers really write themselves. We as writers just gather all of the data and evidence that we can get our hands on. We are simply reporting what all that evidence says. This section of our website will help you learn all the key phases of preparing well develop research papers of your own.