Parts of Sentences Worksheets

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Most sentences are made up of four parts, some of your more complex versions have these parts for certain. Every sentence has a subject in some form. The subject is what or whom the sentence is about. They are usually in some form of a noun and located before the next part of the sentence which is called the predicate. The predicate is the action (verb) part of the sentence. This will normally tell you what is going on with the subject. You will also find a clause which expresses a partial or complete thought. You may also find groups of words that don't have a subject or predicate. These are called phrases. There are other portions that may be within a sentence, but are not completely necessary. This includes things such as objects, complements, modifiers, and adverbials. This selection of worksheets will have students pick apart sentences and see what they can classify to better understand the function of.









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