Connecting Individuals, Ideas, or Events Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: RI.8.3

Core Standard

The idea of finding or uncovering a connection is a higher-level skill that many students have difficulty with. To be effective at drawing this out you need to understand the things presented to you in high detail. You will be required to evaluate everything that has been presented to you and make sense of it all. When it comes to people or events the raw facts of the case often make it obvious to you. Ideas on the other hand require you to think deeply. These worksheets will help students find commonalities between various relationships. When we are trying to find a common relationship between two things we need to be creative whether they are events, people, or just everyday ideas. You have to identify fixed point of commonality and maybe some common ground that is often looked over. You can also find things that make them very different. It is really funny, but sometimes differences that are stark between two things can actually be looked at as something they have in common. These worksheets will help students begin to find the commonalities between people, events, or notions.









Making Comparisons with Analogy Preview