8th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Related ELA Standard: W.8.2.B

Core Standard

A great process to start with students at this level is to have them write a daily journal. When they have a less than active day or draw a blank have them use writing prompts to get them going. A writing prompt that directly relates to students ' lives will take off like you won 't believe. Your best option with these activities is to let students explore where they want to go with them. At the 8th grade level, we are working with students to be a little more independent and adaptable with their ability to write for purpose. 8th grade students should have a good command of writing to inform, entertain, or persuade. 8th graders should also have solid grammar and sentence mechanics skills. We are hoping that have mastered spelling of vocabulary words that are at their grade level or less. These worksheets will provide students with a collection of deep thinking writing prompts to get them writing and practicing their 8th grade level skills.









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