Handwriting Worksheets

The art of handwriting, due to technology, is slowly fading. While it once was perceived as a signal for intelligence, in the modern world it is seen as someone with too much time on their hands. Computers and the printers that push out their information in physical form have all but silenced those that take great pride in penning the perfect curve or slant to their letters. In the most recent releases of curriculum standards across the world leading nations penmanship is either not include or seen as a supplemental learning objective. Unlike typing, handwriting something that is very personal experience. Just like how we style our hair, handwriting is a form of self-expression that think about and mull over for extended periods of time. Critics will often argue that handwriting is meaningless and does not help express our language or thoughts, but I would argue that how we express our thoughts also effects how our thoughts are perceived by others. Studies have shown that there is a drastic difference in memory retention between when we write something by hand versus type it on a keyboard. You will find a series of worksheets and exercises below to help you learn to print letters and form whole words with a pen or pencil, even in digital form. This is a new section to us, and we will greatly expand this section soon. Since it is not covered under the National Standards, we decided to take our time getting to this topic.